About Tuff Industries

Tuff Industries is building a solid reputation as an Australian Manufacturer of Engineering based SAFE Solutions for Safety issues on Mine Sites. By working directly with operators and maintenance personnel Tuff Industries has developed safety tooling and products to assist directly in improved efficiency and SAFETY in operational and maintenance areas within the Mine Site, specifically Tyre Management and Maintenance as well as Conveyor Maintenance and fixed and mobile plant maintenance.
A  thoroughly practical approach backed by many years of Engineering experience, enables Tuff to create SAFER solutions. By bringing practical engineering design and manufacturing experience together, Tuff has created innovative solutions in solving day to day Mine Site SAFETY issues to improve maintenance environments.
Our flexible approach combined with the latest engineering design and manufacturing software has created a unique innovative range of  Wheel and Tyre Maintenance SAFETY Tooling, including the award winning Lock Ring Catcher, Two piece Lock Ring Limiter Clamping systems, Safe Lifting, Loading and moving solutions, as well as Heavy Earth moving Vehicle Lifting solutions which includes the latest Multi Axis technology.

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Winner of CME (Chamber of Minerals & Energy) Engineering Innovation award in 2013

As winner of CME (Chamber of Minerals & Energy) Engineering Innovation award in 2013 with our unique Lock Ring Catcher for 5 piece wheel rims, Tuff Industries was recognised for its’ability to effectively tackle problems and create innovative solutions which create SAFER and more efficient Tyre Changing environments on Mine Sites.
Developing SAFER solutions and tooling continues to be an ongoing commitment by Tuff who partner with customers to collaboratively convert new ideas into effective solutions through its’ ongoing product development programme. Most recently, Tuff has launched its 2 Piece Lock Ring handling system which integrates storage, Safe Lock Ring Handling and fitting solutions along with the latest range of Multi Axis Lifting saddles and lightweight Lifting Jack attachments and accessories. If you are interested in existing products or future solutions, please contact us.

Tuff is leading the way forward in developing new tooling and SAFER systems to make the process of lifting, fitting and removing Tyres a Safer process for the tyre fitter and  a SAFER workplace environment. Increased Safety combined with increased efficiencies makes everyone a winner with Tuff Products.

But the story doesn’t end there. Tuff has also developed easier and safer ways to carry out maintenance tasks and improve operator and working environment SAFETY in Conveyor Maintenance. With its’ innovative portable Multi-Position Roller Release Tool and Light Weight Lifting solutions, Tuff is working hard to make maintenance tasks more efficient and SAFER.


Improving efficiency and SAFETY is our Prime Objective when providing the best on site solution.

Every Tuff product is designed to meet exacting standards for Safely Handling and Lifting. All products have high visibillity SAFETY information provided using our “LABEL-EZE” Safety Labelling System. Every item is decaled with Safety Instructions and supplied with full Installation, Operational and Safety instructions.

Tuff Industries can also conduct in house and on site safety seminars for all new and existing Tuff products, as well as providing regular SAFETY INSPECTIONS and Audits of your Lifting Jacks, Accessories and Tooling.


We engineer innovation into solutions for SAFETY and efficiency. By using the latest engineering design and analytical software, backed by over 40 years engineering experience, we develop the right solutions for our customers.


Tuff works for and with you the Customer to bring the best solution available to those daily EFFICIENCY and SAFETY challenges you face.
We are an independent Australian Engineering Solutions based company whose allegiance is to the customer, not suppliers. Our engineered solutions are based on a  proven track record of achievement over many years and we only use and recommend organisations who can provide customers with the same expertise and commitmnet.