Multi-Axis Load Saddles

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Tuff “MULTI AXIS” Saddles dramatically REDUCE SIDE LOADING forces with any make of Jack Lifting Heavy Earthmoving Trucks.

Creating SAFER LIFTING reduced maintenance and longer operational times.


Single Point Lift


Single Point Lift – Single & Multi Axis Swivel Saddles

Single Multi TableAvailable for all makes of Heavy Lifting Jack. The Tuff Range of saddles promotes a dramatic reduction in side loading within any lifting Jack being used. There is no chatter from the jack as it releases after the lift cycle making the lift smoother and safer. Tuff Lift saddles are engineered to promote increased operational life for your jacks and decrease the number of repairs due to accelerated piston, rod and neck ring wear.

Specify make and model of jack being used when ordering

Front Strut Saddle & Lifting



CAT Front Strut – Multi Axis Swivel Saddle

793MultiTableThe Front Strut Multi Axis saddle is designed to locate into the strut and follow the struts axial movements over the whole of the lift. Because this is the longest stroke for your Lifting Jack, Tuffs’ Strut saddle minimises the effects of side loading forces which helps keep your jack on site working and not away being repaired.

Specify make and model of jack being used when ordering  

CAT793F Rear Strut

CAT793F Rear Strut – Multi Axis Swivel Saddle

CAT793 D&F Rear Strut - Multi Axis Swivel SaddleWhen your safety requirements specify the use of a Jack and a stand, the Tuff Rear strut saddle allows you to do this safely on a CAT793F. The saddle allows you to lift from the strut area and put the stand under the original lift point provided or use the saddle adapted to your jack stand. This is a specially designed saddle which uses all available lifting surfaces around the Strut to minimise any potential stress loading whilst integrating the use of a replacement pin combines to lock the saddle safely into its lift position and prevent movement or slip. Engineered for you to carry out the safest lifting procedures.

Specify make and model of jack being used when ordering

We Solution Design & Manufacture all special requirements

Available in Steel and Light Weight Alloy

Tuff - Alloy Extensions
Plain & Sliplock Extension