Lock Ring Catcher

The Tuff “Lock Ring Catcher” is engineered to be lightweight, user friendly & improve the operators’ safety when removing or fitting one piece Lock Rings on OTR Earthmoving Vehicle. With models for Non Demountable and Demountable wheels the “Lock Ring Catcher” range has models available to suit all sizes of wheel rim from 49” to 63” and different wheel manufacturers including Topy, OVM, Rimex, Titan, Acme and GKN.

The award winning design saw Tuff take away first place in the Safety & Health Engineering Innovation Awards by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy in WA. But we are not resting on our laurels and continue a programme of development and improvement which has seen the introduction of our latest multi rim locating heads and development of it new Positive Clamp Lock system.

63 -57

53 -57 Electric-1

Tuff designed the Lock Ring Catcher to overcome the SAFETY problem created when releasing a one piece Lock Ring from an OTR wheel rim and letting it fall in an uncontrolled manner to the floor. Tuffs’ unique design makes the Lock Ring Catcher lightweight at under 10kg for most models. It can be loaded and secured into a wheel rim within seconds making it the quickest lightest tool available to improve the safety of Lock Ring Removal and Fitting.

To Assist in SAFELY Removing & Fitting Spring Loaded Lock Rings on 5 Piece Wheel Rim Assemblies

  • Models to Suit all Major Wheel Manufacturers
  • Lightweight (under 10kg)
  • Quick and Easy (under 5 seconds to Load & Unload from a wheel)
  • Mechanical & Electric Drive EM Vehicles
  • Award winning design
  • Tuff SAFE

Tuff – Products are Designed and Manufactured in Australia