Lock Ring Storage Solutions

                                                                                   Patent pending

Tuff Lock Ring storage solutions provides easy access and removal of Lock Rings. This unique storage method retains the Lock Rings with a four point location at the base, leaving clear access to the Lock Rings.

All types of lock ring can be stored particularly, Two Piece Lock Rings, which can be stored in halves, assembled in the rack using the Tuff Limiter Clamps then stored as assembled Lock Rings ready for transporting and use during tyre changes on Mine Sites.

A full loaded storage rack with assembled Two Piece Lock Rings can be easily moved within the store or around the Tyre Pad with a Fork Lift Truck.

The Tuff Lock Ring Storage Rack is a must for improved safety and efficiency.

Storage Rack with 2P-LR Halves
Storage Rack with 2P-LR